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We are committed to offering St. Paul, MN, and the neighbouring regions unmatched concrete services at the most competitive prices.

concrete company in st. paul

​Saint Paul Concrete was founded to provide high quality and impeccable projects to the residents of St. Paul, MN, and the surrounding areas. Driven by hard work and passion for beautifying properties, we’ve come this long guided by the principle of ensuring value for money through efficient services. We pride in being the most searched concrete company near me for offering blue ribbon services at a price within each individual client budget and timeframe.

Saint Paul Concrete Company Core Values

Since its inception, Saint Paul Concrete has brought unsurpassed quality decorative concrete services to residential and commercial clients alike. During all these years, we have continuously strived to overcome the challenges that the industry has thrown our way by having a clear focus on being the best in the field. We always do our best to meet and exceed clients expectations every single time!


We have achieved all this guided by the following principles:

Whether in personal or business dealings, we uphold integrity as an essential component of a meaningful relationship. Without it, it would be difficult to receive the services you need, and there would always be mistrust.

“Walk alone and you’ll go fast,” but” walk as a team and you’ll go far” is one of the fundamental believe at Saint Paul Concrete. Working together with every team member, investors, our suppliers, and esteemed clients is what has brought us this far. Teamwork has ensured that we create and maintain beautiful concrete finishes that enhance the lives of St. Paul, MN homeowners, their family, and friends for a long time.

​We’re always up to capture and reflect the unique vision of our customers who trust us to create quality concrete driveways, stamping, and patios while abiding by strict specifications and timelines. We value and respect your opinion at every stage and ensure we leave the job site clean after completing the project. As a matter of courtesy, we are also considerate of the convenience of our client’s neighbors.

​Saint Paul Concrete is a financially responsible business. That means we’ll give you a no-obligation quote, and once you agree to work with us, we will be open about what can work and what won’t. With us, there are no hidden costs or surprise expenses that pop up on the way. We are keen on pricing our services correctly, sticking to the budget, and maintaining transparency with our clients for a long-term, healthy relationship.

Company Mission

We believe that customer service, quality control, and employee dedication is the key to achieving the highest architectural concrete finishing. Objective is to ensure that these guidelines are observed on a daily basis to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction before, during, and after completion of the project. This starts with our local St. Paul professional contractor’s team, ensuring that each installation is well engineered and the design capabilities are exhausted to achieve any desired outcome.


We won’t rest until we are sure that we’ve produced a quality end product that’s second to none. Goal is to create architectural concrete that’ll work hard for you and stand the test of time, guaranteeing that you’re working with quality workmanship you can count on.