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The importance of the exterior part of your home or commercial building cannot be overlooked, because it’s what people see first. A concrete driveway improves functionality and the parking area of the property and boosts its value as well.

Concrete driveways are becoming popular among homeowners for a reason. Unlike bitumen or asphalt, they are:




Low Maintenance

They can also be customized to complement practically any aesthetic. A wide array of patterns, colors, and textures make concrete driveways more adaptable than other materials.

However, as much as concrete driveways are designed to last for a long time, some conditions can reduce their lifespan. These factors include bad weather conditions, poor placement methods, inappropriately compacted subgrade, and insufficient concrete mix, among others.

Saint Paul Concrete Driveway Services

Saint Paul Concrete is the most trusted concrete driveway service provider in St. Paul, Minnesota, and nearby cities. Our full-range concrete driveway services include:

Concrete driveway

Whenever you see cracks or stains on your driveway, that’s a sign it is aging and needs repair. You don’t have to rip out the entire concrete and start over. A driveway repair will do the trick, provided the concrete is still intact. In case you’re not sure of your driveway’s structural integrity, seek the help of an expert to evaluate the state of the concrete and recommend the next course of action.

Concrete driveway installation

Pouring a concrete driveway is not as easy as it seems. The concrete starts to harden immediately it’s poured, making time a crucial element in the process. Concrete driveway installation involves excavation, pouring the concrete, and finishing the surface as fast as possible. Our skilled and rigorously trained contractors are the best in the job and can add color and decorative finishes to the slab’s surface based on your preference.


It’s imperative to keep the concrete driveway sealed and clean for it to last long. A good scrubbing of the driveway using a stiff brush and a hose should be enough to keep it clean. Besides, a concrete sealer needs to be applied annually to provide the driveway with an extra layer of protection.

Concrete driveway replacement

Concrete driveways can last for anywhere between 25 and 50 years. Their lifespan largely depends on how well they are maintained and how well they were built. A driveway should be replaced if it develops deep cracks or holes that go up to its foundation. However, if the cracks or holes are at the surface, then the driveway only requires a repair.

Highly Trained Driveway Contractors

Saint Paul Concrete is a trusted concrete driveway service provider in St. Paul, Minnesota, and nearby cities. You can expect nothing short of what we promise. We pride in utilizing our expertise and professionalism acquired over the years to competently execute all your concrete driveway projects, regardless of their specifications, sizes, or complexity. Our quick turnaround times and competitive rates have made us stand out from the rest.

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