Here is a guide to help you to calculate concrete. You are require the right amount of building materials without overspending. So, if you are planning to build a yard, pathway, or any pavement using concrete and you don’t know where to start, then this right here is a must read. Many of our customers have a problem calculating how much concrete they require for given areas at home and commercial buildings. 

• Consider where you are installing

The first thing to look into is the area you want to install the concrete, as it will determine the amount you require. Why? Again this narrows down to avoidance of wastage while ensuring you have enough concrete. For example, a pathway will require a smaller amount of concrete compared to a parking area.


How to calculate concrete yards


Measure the length, width, and depth of the area in cubic meters and multiply. Then the total you get multiplies with the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard. It is always advisable that you add an extra 10 percent of the total concrete if there are spillages or the builders may require extra.

• Look into concrete strength.

The last thing you need is to use the wrong measures of concrete ingredients that may lead your slap to crumble easily. So, at this stage, you should involve an expert to guide you when selecting the materials. You can talk to a mixing company near you and ask them what proportions of mixing materials you need for your space. If you are working with an experienced supplier, ask them how much of each material you require for that space. Better yet, you can ask your architect regarding the material you need as they are better positioned to know how much of each material you need, depending on your region.

calculate concrete

• Know the service cost

Concrete installation is a process that will cost you money from buying materials, delivery services, and even payment for constructors. It is always advisable that you have the right costs at hand to efficiently plan for a budget. So, once you settle with a supplier who will deliver your building materials, make sure they give you the total amount of money they charge you and the price of concrete per yard. Some suppliers may charge extra if they are working on weekends or overtime. However, it is good to know about all these things. Know how much a yard of concrete is and how much it will cost for the building and delivery.

• Consider your offload needs.

This requires you to involve both the constructors/ mixer and the suppliers. The builder/mixer is the one to determine the most convenient area to offload the concrete. For example, he may advise you to offload the concrete in a single area so they can mix it before shifting it to the construction site or, he may opt for the materials to be offloaded per yard. If the supplier cannot reach the site ( where you are building), have other carrying alternatives like a mini tractor or wheelbarrows.

• Level the area

Depending on where you want to construct with concrete, you need first to gauge the leveling of the space so that if there are uneven spaces, you level it before building the slab. In such a case, we always recommend our customers dig into the high area or build on the low side, then add a retaining wall to hold the soil wall. This saves you a lot of money and time you could have used to dig up the area to level up the soil.

calculate concrete

• Consider the soil

It would help if you built your concrete while considering the region’s soil to prevent quick cracking or any form of damage. Sandy soil is the best as you need to remove the sod and topsoil, then add gravel filling. Clay soil is not favorable since you will need to dig deeper about 6 inches deep before leveling the space with gravel. In such a case, we always advise our customers to hire an excavator since it is much easier and faster.


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