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How To Remove Rust Stains From Concrete Driveways

Rust stains on a concrete driveway can ruin the look of the driveway as a whole. If metal items are left on the driveway, then there is potential for rust stains to develop. When the metal gets wet, the reaction that occurs between the metal and moisture can cause rust and this can transfer to the surface of the driveway. If rust stains develop on your driveway, then they need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Some of the most effective ways to remove rust stain from concrete driveway are listed below.

Soapy Water

If the rust stains are fresh, then a solution of soap and water should remove stains fairly easily. You will also need a brush with nylon bristles for scrubbing the concrete after the soapy water has been poured on it. You should avoid using a brush with metal bristles, as this will damage the upper layer of concrete. This can then leave the aggregate material exposed which will weaken the driveway.

One of the easiest ways to clean the stains is to concentrate on a small area at a time and to clean in a circular motion. Once the cleaning has been completed then you should rinse the driveway with clean water and let it dry completely. The process should be repeated if the rust has not completely disappeared.

Diluted Vinegar

Diluted vinegar can also be used to remove rust stains from the concrete driveway. This method does not always work too well on concrete that has been painted, because the vinegar can strip the paint away. You could test the solution on a very small section of the driveway before cleaning a larger area.


The solution should be made by mixing one cup of vinegar with half cup of water. Once you have made the solution then it should be poured directly on the stain and scrubbed in a circular motion. The process may need to be repeated several times if the stains are particularly stubborn.

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Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid can be very effective at removing rust stains from driveways, but you need to take a lot of care when using it. It is a corrosive substance which means it has the potential to burn your skin if touched. It can also damage the concrete if it is left on the surface of the driveway for too long.

When using hydrochloric acid as a solution for how to remove rust stains from the concrete driveway, you will need to ensure that it is diluted. Two cups of the acid will need to be diluted with one cup of water. The mixture should be left on the driveway for ten minutes, but no longer than this. After the ten minutes have passed, then the solution should be scrubbed away as soon as possible. The whole area should then be rinsed with clean water. The process can be repeated if needed but the solution should not be left on the driveway for more than ten minutes at a time.

Cleaners Containing Oxalic Acid

When thinking about how to remove rust stains from concrete driveways, then you might find that cleaners which contain oxalic acid can help. These products can clean the rust stains without causing any damage to the concrete. They are usually available in both liquid and powder form so you can choose the method that is most suitable for you. If you choose to use powder, then it will work more effectively if the driveway is wet when it is applied. Whether you use liquid or powder, you should leave it on the driveway for a few minutes before it is washed away.

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