concrete leveling

Property managers and homeowners have had to deal with uneven surfaces and cracked concrete cracks on their concrete slabs. It happens as the concrete starts to sink and settle down. However, there is a solution to this problem now. It is known as PolyLevel and it repairs uneven concrete surfaces. Potential customers have many questions about this modern way to fix concrete level. Here are some of the concrete leveling FAQs that Saint Paul Concrete receives:

Is PolyLevel effective and how does it work?

PolyLevel works and is applied by technicians. They examine the affected area and choose the precise points to drill between 5 and 8 inches deep holes. The foam solution is poured inside the holes and expands, making all the void parts fill gently. The concrete slab moves to its original position resulting in a smooth and strong concrete slab that can hold heavy weights like moving vehicles. The PolyLevel foam is also water-resistant and doesn’t cause decaying.


What is the cost of PolyLevel?

The price of PolyLevel is not yet known, but it is definitely going to be cheaper than replacing a concrete slab. Saint Paul Concrete is yet to make any site visit and it’s therefore impossible to give an estimated price of the product. We give free estimated, but you get a no-obligation quote.


How long will it the installation take?

The installation takes a few hours. It includes inspection of the surface drilling the holes, injecting the foam and filling up the holes composite. The composite must have a matching color to make it invisible. The slap is read and safe to use in about 20 minutes. On average, most projects will take less than a day to complete.


Is PolyLevel durable?

This foam is water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Besides, it is not of any nutritional value to pests, molds and microbes. It remains strong and lasts as long as you want to use it.


Are repaired parts noticeable?

No, they blend perfectly with the other parts of a concrete slab. No one can tell there were cracks or small holes because the product becomes invisible.


Can PolyLevel be used to fix slab damages?

No, slab damages require some repairs because they can cause the surface to crumble. PolyLevel is only for small cracks and uneven parts on a slab. Slab damage requires a replacement.


Do You Have Any Questions?

If you want to know about the concrete level, call us. Our phone number is 651-300-1666, and we will send someone to inspect your concrete for free. We at Saint Paul Concrete will help you choose the best options depending on your slab’s condition.